15 Numbered Tiles


15 Classic Slide Puzzle

If you had the 15 slide puzzle in childhood you won't fail to try this software. For some it will be an exciting discovery. The puzzle consists of a box with 15 numbered tiles that can be slided around to be arranged from 1 to 15. The freeware implements

FifteenPuzzle  v.1.0

Its object is very easy: just scramble the 15 numbered tiles in a square tray 4x4 with one vacant space, and then slide them into correct numerical order. To move a tile simply click it. To scramble the tiles use the Random button.


Sliding 15 Puzzle (Mystic Square) - Free  v.

The 15 Puzzle is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. The object of the puzzle is to place the numbered tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space. Features:

XVPuzzle  v.

The XVPuzzle is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of 15 numbered square tiles (with Roman Numbers) in random order with one tile

Daisy Slider Puzzle  v.1 3

Daisy Slider Puzzle is an attractive puzzle for all ages, a high-quality computer variant of the well-known plastic or wooden game where you have to arrange rectangular pieces of a picture or numbered tiles in the right order.

Fifteen Puzzle  v.1 1

Originally introduced more than 120 years ago, this puzzle instantly made the whole World crazy. Fifteen Puzzle is a new puzzle game designed as a Flash version which can be played on your web browser.

Eight Puzzle  v.

Classic eight tile puzzle game. Click on tiles next to blank cell to move them,

Tile Game mini  v.1.2.2

Tile Game mini replaces the futility of tile solitaire S face it, you may never actually clear all the tiles S with the excitement of amassing a potentially huge score even with a stalemated game.

Next Element  v.

Next Element is a challenging and addictive puzzle game that will put to the test your strategy skills and logic.

Minesweeper Challenge  v.1.1

The classic Minesweeper game for Mac OS X.

15 Slide Puzzle

15 Slide Puzzle is an advanced version of the well-known fifteen puzzle game. It consists of 15 squares numbered from 1 to 15 that are placed in a 4x4 box leaving one position out of the 16 free. The goal is to reposition the squares from a given

15-Puzzle  v.1.0

15-Puzzle are entertainment software based on "sliding numbers" game. The object of the puzzle is to get all tiles in the correct order. The moves are made by sliding counters into empty square. The lower number of moves the better your score is!

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